July 26, 2007

A quick mid month update.  Xander is having fun at camp, and taking a little break from karate.  Janet has been spending lots of time with Nancy and Zen, and they've gone to the beach on Staten Island several times (which apparently isn't too bad) .  Dave went once, and showed off his allergic reaction to a bandaid .  Jacky had so much fun she forgot to pee, and had to do it, emergency style, at the side of the road .  The main reason for this update, though, is for Janet to show off her newly developed 6 pack abs .  She won't even let me take this picture off the camera's memory card.  In other happenings, we spent a relaxing weekend in Rye , and saw some pretty sights along the way .  That's all for now- more updates to follow.

   July 10, 2007

Summer is underway, and the sweltering heat has arrived.  The kids are taking full advantage of the free time.  Xander has started summer day camp, which he enjoys.  Janet has been keeping the kids occupied with various activities, although Jacky likes staying at home and watching tv the best.  On to the pictures!

Part of what the kids like to do is hang out in the back with our neighbors .  Even Jacky gets into it (she just started to learn how to ride her trike, as seen here).  The other girl in the picture is Alanna, who is about he same age as Jacky.  Aside from hanging out in the back, we have also been spending a lot of time on Staten Island, with various family members .  Janet and Nancy even got adventurous and went to a Staten Island beach .   Baby Zen has started to crawl- here is an early vid (he's much better at it by now).  Xander has cut back a bit on his karate lessons, although he did recently get his brown belt .  We have been spending time in Manhattan as well.  Spent some time with Craig's nieces (Ina) Xander got along with her well, as they shared a love of games.  We also attended Wendy Hsu's engagement party, which was outdoors on one of the hottest days of the year .  As you can see, the family is delirious.  This last weekend we took a spur of the moment trip to a water park in Long Island , and brought Betty along .  It was crazy crowded, but we got there early and left early.  Xander almost drowned- twice.  But he enjoyed the steep water slide.  His favorite was the wave pool, though .  Everyone had a good time .  Oh, and Jacky has been introduced to make-up .

One more thing- the video files are .MOV, but for some reason, they play better in windows media player rather than quicktime.

June 5, 2007

Short update.  As I had mentioned, Xander lost more teeth .  Jacky is more of a princess than ever , and she has been super cranky lately.  She refuses to go to bed, and instead falls asleep on the floor .  It may have something to do with this bad booboo she got on her hand .  She has found a new love, though: spongebob ice cream bars .

The latest martial arts tournament just passed .  Xander lost his two matches.  He was disappointed, but then spent the day doing what he does best .  Janet was surprised that she didn't place in kickboxing, but took third in grappling .  Here's a video of the match for the bronze- short but sweet. 

May 28, 2007

Just finished a flurry of moving around furniture after a weekend spent at 28th street.  I am dead tired, and, of course, Jacky is not even close to sleeping.

May has been a pretty good month.  Our friends Dave and Courtenay came to visit us from the faraway land of Hawaii (still planning to take a trip out there soon). It was good to see them again, and Janet took them to see Mamma Mia (we had seen it only about a month ago).  Baby Zen also came out to Brooklyn for a day .  As usual, he was a happy, drooly boy.  Most of the pics are from this last Memorial Day weekend.  Craig came down with his kids sans Lily.  This the only picture I got where they all have their eyes open.  We celebrated Betty's birthday with the usual- nerts.  We also had cake .  There was nice barbecue at the Kong's in New Jersey.  It was good fun for all, although it was quite hot.  There were sports, water guns, electric scooters and cars, singing, guitar hero- and yes, they even got in some nerts at the end.  Here's some photos of the event:   (as you can tell from Betty's expression in the last picture, the hummer had a quick acceleration).

As for the miscellaneous pics- Xander's teeth are falling out at an alarming rate.  He had 2 molars pulled (because of cavities) and lost one of his front teeth .  As I type this, he just pulled out another one of his front teeth.  I guess its soup for the next few weeks. We have been playing a lot of guitar hero lately , as well as some halo3 beta (fun!).  The kids are as crazy as ever , but the brother and sister are inseparable, and she copies EVERYTHING that he does .  Anyway, off to bed.

April 24, 2007

A momentous day.  Jacky now goes diaper free all day!  You may now return to you regular programming

April 19, 2007

Rain.  That's basically all that has been going on for the past two weeks.  Rain and bad teeth.  Oh, and difficulty getting Jacky to pee in the toilet.  The rain has driven the memory of all recent events from my head, but luckily pictures help remind me. 

Xander got an award for reading a lot of books.  You can see that he's dwarfed by everyone in his class (even the Asian girls).  Basketball season has come and gone, but not before getting some more use of my company's luxury  box and MSG.  Janet was excited to go, not because she loves the Knicks, but she loves free food.    Xander, on the other hand, is starting to like the Knicks .  So much so that I splurged on a jersey of one of the Knicks power forwards.  I thought it was fitting for him, though .  Xander has also been going crazy for his roller blades, keeping his blades on whenever he can.  He is getting better, though.  This video was a little while ago, and it shows the improvement from his previous videos (he is even better at it now). 

Our little girl likes to pretend to be a big girl, by putting "baby Zen" to sleep , or buy buying drinks for everybody (she moves a chair over herself).  Another visit from the Bostonians, and Jacky is always happy to see her cousins.  It was Mackenzie's birthday (complete with video courtesy of Betty).  It turned out to be a gaming weekend, with many of the adults rocking out on my new toy- Guitar Hero.  Jacky likes to play along , while Xander likes to dance along .  It might not be clear, but that's Craig doing his power rock stance in the background .  The kids also liked to bother paw paw when she was trying to sleep .

In other news, Janet's birthday just passed, and I took her out to dinner and to see Mamma Mia, which a very enjoyable show.  Betty also came to stay with us one day (before she joins the workforce), which made Jacky happy.

New obsession- for those who don't know- a quick flash based game called desktop tower defense at handdrawngames.com.  We are the "nerts" group, if you want to try your hand (be warned, it can be addicting).

4/20/07- update asked to put these pics up by some crazy woman 

 March 6th, 2007

The beginning of the month, and time for the monthly update!  The weather has been going nuts, with it reaching the 50s last week, now in the teens this week.  Hopefully this last cold front will be it for the season.  Many things transpired in the short second month, most notably our trip to Las Vegas with the Yung family for the patriarch's birthday.

The trip started off well, with all the kids well behaved and civil.  We got to the airport, where Jacky waited patiently on line to check in .  After doing so, the kids found a tv and had some down time .  This was at JFK on Jetblue, and right after the Jetblue debacle that had people stuck on planes for 10 hrs.  Actually, the day we left, 25% of JetBlue flights were cancelled.  We got out, though, and Jacky was enjoying the trip .  Betty sat with the kids for the most part, but eventually she lost her seat to Mac .  It was all downhill from there.  To make a long story short, there was a vomit wave as the plane landed, with Mack throwing up twice, and then Jack doing some sympathy vomiting immediately afterwards.  Betty and I stayed on to try to clean up the mess as everyone else exited.  Yay!  Having survived the ordeal, we checked in to the Monte Carlo, a middle-of the road hotel on the strip and went straight for the buffet .  One thing about Vegas... food is plentiful.  Janet and Betty then went off for what they considered the highlight of the trip (for those of you who can't tell who that is- its Jacky Cheung- and if you don't know who that is... well, I'd better let them explain it to you).  The next day was the Hoover dam , which I was not remotely interested in-I didn't go.  During the trip, Xander turned to Janet and said "mom, this is baaaad" (he thought the bus ride was all there was).  Chloe was showing off her rebellious side there .  To continue with the theme of the trip, she got strep and threw up when taking her antibiotics.  We spent a lot of time walking around , seeing other casinos (that's the luxor), and played a lot of nerts with the 8 decks of cards we purchased.  I think the kids had the most fun on the last day at Circus Circus and the mini amusement park.  I found that Jack shares her brothers enthusiasm for going fast and getting dizzy .  Not sure if Chloe felt the same .  Of course, it was good to come home, although the flight back was no picnic either (Jacky threw up on the plane ride back too).  Xander and Mack chilled at the airport, big six style

On the home front, Xander did get his high red belt in karate .  The kids' bond continues to grow, and here they are reenacting the story of Noah's Ark .  Xander has been sick these last few days, and Jacky spent some quality time with him on the sofa .

Baby Zen came to visit us, and he is a happy, smiley baby .  Here is a thirty second video of him laughing like a madman.

February 7th, 2007

The warm winter has gone the way of the dodo bird, as temps in the area have been in the single digits to 20s over the past week.  And to think that spring is only 6 weeks away.  Anyway, I spent 1.5 hours out in the early morning cold the other day on line at Best Buy; I was finally able to snag a Wii.  It started out as a purchase for Xander, but I have been using way more than he has (you can read all about it here).  Other happenings- Xander had one of his molars pulled, but at least that chronic infection is gone.  Jacky's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  Trying something new with the pictures...

We had some early birthday cake for Janet's mom, although the real celebration will come in 2 weeks, when the family heads out to Las Vegas for a Yung get-together (one of the first, I think).  We also spent some time in Rye, where Xander went ice skating for the second time with Harrison.  There we got a taste of the Wii, and we (by we I mean I) went out to get one the next day.  Its quite fun, and you can see a video of Xander in action here.  My dad, who is not what would you call tech savvy, played wii golf for about an hour.  Also spent some quality time with the cutie baby Zen.  Jacky really is attached to him, and will try to entertain him however she can.  On the home front, Jacky wants to be just like her uncle Hon, so I got her a utility belt, which she really enjoys.  Also, Janet is very excited that her hair is growing out ever so slowly... she can how put in pigtails.

January 7, 2007

Happy New Year!  Even though its only been about 3 weeks since the last post, I feel like there was too much stuff for me to remember.  The holiday season was quite a busy one, with family coming in from California and Boston.  The week lead up to Christmas had Aubrie, Blaze, Cadence and Dashiell visit NY for a week.  Although Xander had school, he was able to spend some quality time (basically playing runescape).  The week culminated in Zen's red egg party, which went quite well.  My maternal grandmother passed away at the end of the week as well.  This was not unexpected, as she has been ill for some time.  So all in all, a very eventful week.

The next week had no let up, as the Christmas to New Year's week was spent with the Yung clan.  It was a blur of late nights, settlers and pictionary telephone.  Memorable moments: sitting in a luxury box at MSG watching the Knicks- Betty taking Xander on his first ice skating trip (which by all reports went very well)- heading out to New Jersey for the New Year celebration, with the majority of people falling asleep before the countdown.  Working in the store trying to sell the final 2007 merchandise...

On to the pictures...  Xander had a little get together for his birthday after the fact- it was a videogame fest.  The kids were complaining that Xander was beating them too badly at Halo.  The California kids had their annual sleepover at our place, which is always an Avatar marathon.  The rest of the week was mainly spent on Staten Island, where the kids had a good time doin nuthin.  Jacky and Charlotte are new BFF.  The red egg party took up a lot of time with planning and execution.  Everyone got all gussied up (including us)- even the baby was dressed for the occasion.  Some the clothing failed the kids though.  A fun time for everyone, both boys and girls.  There was a DJ, but not too many people got on the dance floor.  Xander and Dashiell weren't afraid, though.  Xander was inspired by his Nick and Tim's donkey dance.  By the end of the party, Xander had achieved a Zen-like state, and Jacky couldn't keep her eyes open.  It was a fitting party for the Lee-Miller family.  The California contingent stayed until Christmas eve, where there was a big dinner, followed by opening of gifts (Cadence got exactly what she wanted- a can of soda) and parlor games.  The next day the kids headed back to the airport, and everyone was sad.

However, that was only half the family activities.  Jacky's other BFF, Mac came with her family.  They modeled, and compared notes on what the best thing is to have in your mouth to fall asleep.  They basically went crazy.  Here's Xander and I at the Garden- Xander got very into the game (a triple overtime Knick win), and the food was pretty good (Craig and Edwin went crazy on the buffalo wings).  New Year's came, with a stint at the store, and even the two boys got into the act.  I did my part to sell all the light up paraphernalia I could.  We finished out the year in Chester, NJ with the family.

Two other small vids that didn't fit above- 1st, Mac showing of her birthday singing skills.  2nd, baby Zen made a big impression on Jacky, cause all babies are now baby Zen to her.

Thanks to Craig and Betty for some of the photos.

Another milestone- Jacky has gone cold turkey off the pacifier- its been 6 days so far, and its been OK, although it is 10 times harder toput her to sleep now.  Wish us luck!

December 14, 2006

A minor update.  After the craziness of the recent nuptials and holiday, Bobby, Judy and their respective families hung out in NY for a week.  The kids got together at the Brooklyn Children's museum (unfortunately, don't have a good pic with all the kids in it).  Jacky and Maddison got along really well together.

Xander is now 7 years old.  Its still hard to believe.  His birthday dinner was at one of his favorite places- the Chinese buffet place (we're hoping he grows out of that one soon).

This past weekend I was away on a business trip learning how to do ultrasounds.  While I was gone, Xander and Janet attended their second Karate tournament.  Janet did not do as well as the first time, but Xander did a lot better.  He took second place, and almost made a girl cry.  Mom was very proud.  Here is a short, poor quality video of his beatdown.

On the home front, it has been unseasonable warm lately, and Jacky has been taking full advantage.  She is getting much more verbal these days, and I can actually understand her more than 50% of the time now.  Xander has found a new video game that he loves- Viva Pinata.  We are still looking for a Nintendo Wii for him/us- but they are hard to come by.