July 31, 2006

Reading my last post, it seems that there was a time in the recent past when it wasn't crazy hot and humid.  I just can't remember when it was.  Maybe I was dreaming it.  Anyway, the San Francisco clan came by for a visit.  It was a good opportunity to get all of the grandkids together.  Although, as you may know, its been HOT.  So the kids mainly stayed indoors after a quick trip to George's beach house (I don't have any of those pics right now).  They rotated between playing video games, eating and watching movies.  They did run around a bit, and for some reason Blaze liked to have lots of layers on (notice the red face and near heat stroke).  After all the perspiration, there was the usual jump in the pool, ghetto style.  The oppressive heat did not bother Hon or dad, who evidently felt the gardeners were not doing their jobs.  Janet did get to take the two older girls out for salon haircuts, and Janet spent some time on Aubrie's hair, which she seemed to appreciate

Anyway, I actually don't have many pics from the visit, but I probably will get my hands on some soon.

I think we may have raised the next Sith lord (that reference may be too geeky for some of you- but that's why Janet thinks I should enter the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1).  We did her a new cart which she LOVES.  Her favorite activity is to push it around the house, pretending to shop with Dora sitting in the baby seat (all that stuff on the floor- Jacky's returned merchandise).  Congratulations to our Xander on getting his High Green Belt!

We will taking a vacation to Lake Tahoe over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to having some time off...

July 9,2006

The days of summer are upon us, and the weather is really getting hot.  It rained for about 2 weeks straight, but now things seemed to have turned for the better.  The month of June was fairly mellow.  I started running again, which is good (we'll see how long it lasts).  Xander fininshed the first grade, and did very well on his report card (something like 75% 4's (out of a scale of 1-4).  The only thing that gave us pause was that he got a note from his PE teacher saying he was very low in terms of his body mass index.  I'm not worried too much, though.  He is a healthy active boy, who just happens to be tiny.  Anyway, onto the pictures.

We spent the July 4th holiday at home with the family.  Xander wanted to go out to see the fireworks, which we did.  From the belt parkway, they were quite... underwhelming.  Looks like we're not going to do that again.  The kids did have fun going to the park across the street from our house, though- they turn on the sprinklers now.  Otherwise, on the July 4th weekend, we hung out at 28th street, where there was a barbecue and some campfire antics- NYC style

Xander has started his first swimming lessons, about which he is very excited.  He has even gotten to practicing in the bathtub, and got his sister into the mix.  Jacky does love to copy her big brother.  One of her favorite activities now is to pretend to sleep next to him.  She also likes to sit in very small places, as seen here.  We just went to our annual company picnic, and it was a good time for us.  The kids played in the pool, and Jacky was fearless, tripping and going underwater several times without crying.  Xander spent most of the day at this one water slide.  The food was pretty good as well.

Finally, I was hesitant at first to post this picture, but it is funny, and good blackmail material for when she gets older.  Click here at your own risk

June 11, 2006

Another month flies by...  Summer is rapidly approaching, and Xander is very excited for the end of the school year.  We're still trying to think of things for Xander to do, although he would be quite happy to spend the entire summer at home playing gameboy DS/Xbox 360/toontown.  We'll think of something. His new favorite movie is Kicking and Screaming, which he must have watched maybe 10 times over the last week.  Now he wants to play soccer.  The entire family is getting over a viral illness which caused Xnader to miss almost 1 week of school.  Janet and Xander were scheduled to compete in a karate tournament, but had to cancel at the last minute because of it.

Xander did manage to get his green belt in May- that leaves red, brown and then black.  Memorial Day was a family affair, and we were all exhausted afterwards (as we always are).  With the warm weather, Janet has taken the opportunity to bring Jacky outside more.  Here is a view of the bridge which is half a block from our house.  Jacky even had a chance to wear her swimsuit, although she just wants to show off her belly.  She is happiest when she's at home though, lounging in the kitchen with mom.

To give you an idea of what happens when Jacky wakes up in the morning...  First, she lies in bed for a few minutes, gathering herself.  Then she sees momma and gets very happy.  After a few minutes, she wants to get up.  She starts to realize that mommy is not getting up.  Then she loses it.

Oh, Xander also went to his first baseball game this month- to Yankee stadium.  It was a beautiful day, and he was very excited to get there.  At the game he ate hot dogs and played with a pack of baseball cards.  But after the 3rd hour, he had sort of moved on to other things.

May 8, 2006

Well, things are getting busy for me at work.  In an effort to streamline this website, I have decided to forego the whole family.winstonlee.net deal (all  the old posts will still be there, but from now on all links will be directly from this page)

Anyway, lets see...  Janet's birthday was this past month, and everyone had a good time... for the most part.  For her birthday, I surprised her by taking the kids out to get studio pictures.  It was not easy.  Anyway, I can't directly link the pictures, but they can be seen at smilestore.picturepeople.com.  After registering at the site, you can click "view new sitting".  The sitting number is 218732 and the password is f8a78fa682.

Xander had another assembly where he got dressed up. He is getting to be such a big boy.  Jacky, on the other hand, is still quite a moody, and sometimes silly baby.

Connie and Victor's wedding planning is continuing at a reasonable pace.  We went to lunch at the restaurant where the reception is going to be.  Outside of the restaurant was a neat little panel that rang bells when you stepped on them.  Needless to say, the kids had a good time.  Especially Jacky.

We had an outing with our friends at the central park zoo, which was fun.  Xander got to hang with his young friend, Ryan.

Just recently, Xander went to a rollerskating party (I didn't even know they still had those).  I was very worried initially, as Xander is getting quite clumsy as of late.  He was very excited and had a great time, though.  He did the chicken dance, rode on some rides and Janet showed him how to skate.  I have some video of his progress:

Xander skating while holding hands and the wall.

Now just holding the wall

Now just holding mom's hand

All by himself. Yay!

On a little more concerning note, Xander has developed reactive airways and bad allergies, as he audibly wheezes now, and gets short of breath when running around outside.  Looks like he is going to need an inhaler.  We will take him to see the pediatrician shortly.  Hopefully this is a passing phase.