November 29, 2006

Another crazy month for the Lee-Yung clan.  First off, congrats to Connie and Victor, who finally tied the knot.  Congratulations also go out to Tony and Brenda on their first child, Connor.  Oh, and there was Thanksgiving and other stuff in the mix as well. 

Well, lets start with some old stuff first.  As I had mentioned in the last post, I got some footage of my mom's surprise party, and I just got around to encoding it, so here it is.  I also got a request to put this picture on the site from Connie.  I also have some pics from our visit to cousin Zen that I'm putting up.  He's a cutie, as well as being a good boy

Earlier this month, my 34th birthday came and went.  I guess I'm officially in my mid thirties now.  Its been unseasonably warm lately, so Jacky has been able to model her new outfits.

Thanksgiving for us was a two family affair, with lunch at 28th street and dinner on Staten Island.  The daughters did the bulk of preparing for the lunch, and it was all good.  Linda and Betty had some fun with the theme of the weekend. 

After the actual meals, family starting to come in for the long weekend/nuptials.  The weekend consisted of late nights of gaming and preparation, combined with early mornings with no less than 8 kids running around.  Breakfast generally consisted of the kids sitting around with the grandparents and a few adults (usually me).  Things started to get hectic on Saturday afternoon, but the kids found time to stuff their faces.  The rest of the pre-ceremony afternoon saw Victor and his groomsmen arrive and be put through the various tests to come in, including doing some pretty girly push-ups.  Then came the pictures- and there were a lot of them.  Of the girls, the boys, the bridesmaids, the tea ceremony, cousins, and other family.

The ceremony was quite nice, although I didn't really get a chance to see it, staying out in the lobby with Jac and Mac.  Those two are definitely best buds.  The kids did get to walk down the aisle, and did a good job.

The reception was quite fun, with a nice serenade from Emily and Tiffany.  I have 3 videos from the event.

A montage of dancing (22 megs), Connie's song for Victor (23 megs) and the production number from the girls (34 megs).

Naturally, after all this excitement, the kids needed to wind down with some relaxing entertainment.

Thanks to Craig, Betty and Linda for contributing pictures for this update.

October 31, 2006

Wow.  2 months past since the last update.  There are almost too many things to remember.  But I'll give it a shot.  Xander started the 2nd grade, and he remains a happy, well-liked kid.  Its weird, though- he seems to be better at English than science (its almost as if he's not Chinese!)  On that note, he started Chinese school as well, and he has not learned to despise it yet.

Jacky is getting to be quite a big girl.  She is definitely headstrong, and almost the opposite of her older brother.  They do get along very well, though.  Anyway, I'll never remember every notable thing over the last two months, so I'll just go right into the pictures.

Janet's job has been coming along, and she is expanding the program she is in.  I knew she would be successful in whatever she applied herself to, although I'm not sure how long she is going to stay with this job.  Here's a picture of her with some of her students and her fellow cubs instructor, Jamey.  We recently attended Jamey's wedding, where we had a good time and danced the night away (the first time in a looong time).

My dad and brothers arranged a surprise birthday party for my mom, which turned out quite well.  She had no idea, and the Staten Island house was full of family and friends for one night.  I had a video of the surprise, but haven't gotten around to encoding it.  Here's a picture of everyone there.  There were tons of babies there, and we got to spend some time with Jacky's cousin Vienna, who was a cutie. 

Jacky's birthday also passed during this time, where the 2 year old got to blow out candles, and do her usual cooking meen-meen shtick at her favorite place.  The kids really enjoy grandma's place in Manhattan- for Jacky its a place to run around where people cater to her every whim (feeding her and blowing bubbles <video>for her); for Xander its  a place where he can play video games for extended periods of time without his dad getting on his case.  Once in a while their cousins also drop by. 

Connie and Victor are about to get hitched, and Connie had her shower.  I wasn't there, but it seemed like everyone had a good time.

Other notable events on the homefront:  Xander went to another skating birthday party, where he got to try out his new rollerblades (which were inspired by the last skating party he went to).  This video shows how much progress he has made- compare it to his previous skating videos from May 8th. 

Jacky and Xander are continuing their swimming lessons (actually, they just finished).  Jacky loooved it.  she would jump in and stay underwater for a few seconds bevore Janet pulled her out.  She would also do these crazy poses right before she jumped in (I was not there to witness).  Xander also enjoyed it, as he is getting better at swimming (although he always veers to the left).  This month also saw Janet and Xander take part in a Brooklyn Columbus Day parade.  They were all excited about it at first, but then they realized it was just a slow walk behind a loud marching band. 

This Halloween was fun for the kids.  There was a small Halloween party at 28th st (don't have any pics), but Xander was very happy with the jedi costume Janet made for him.  Jacky also got her first taste of trick or treating.  She was shy at first, but when she realized that people were giving her candy, she walked right up to the doors next to Xander and held out her bucket.  She made out like a bandit

BIG NEWS: The Lee family has welcomed its newest member: Mr. Zen Lee.  He was welcomed into this world by Dave and Nancy on October 27th.  We saw him later that day. 

Now for the rest of the pics which don't fit in with any of the events previously.  Xander got 2 turtles, which Janet has been taking care of primarily. Jacky got a thinking chair from her uncle Bill and aunt Linda, which she abuses on a regular basis. Here's a pic of jac and dahsiell from I don't know when, but I just wanted to post it.  Jacky is also developing her repertoire of facial expressions

One last thing- Xander lost his first tooth today.

September 2, 2006

Where did the summer go?  As we are preparing to send Xander back to school (is he going to be 7 already?), we took time out to have one last summer family outing at six flags.  It was kind of a gloomy day, and it started to rain at the end, but at least it kept the crowds down.  Jacky got her first taste of rides- she liked riding with Xander and mom the best (here too).  Xander is turning out to be quite a thrill seeker.  It turns out he is tall enough for most of the rides now, and he even dragged mom on some of the rides.  Mom doesn't look so happy about it, though.  Xander loved it so much he was going on the rides himself by the end of the day.

Back at home, Jacky is exploring her options when it comes to transportation: scooter or tricycle.

On to the videos...

Jacky on the spinning ride with mom

Xander going crazy on a ride with mom...

and going crazy on a ride by himself

Jacky pretending to talk to yee yee and paw paw on the phone (notice her phone is a ketchup packet)

August 14th, 2006

Just got back from our trip to California.  It was a fun time for all, although we are all trying to recover from the jet lag currently.  But first, there was some extra footage from the Fa/Lee visit earlier which I didn't get to last time.  Inspired by Xander's previous video, his cousins wanted to try their hand at board breaking

When all the kids get together, they don't even need an activity- just some space where they can lose it.

Our flight to San Francisco was a little bit of a hassle- over 1 hour delay in departing.  Jacky wasn't too bad, although her pacifier became a third appendage for her.  We got to the cousin's new house, where they got some good use of the new surroundings, especially the pool.  Jacky was a little slow to warm up to her cousins, but eventually she couldn't stop calling out their names.  Anyway, after a day there, we took the 4 hour drive to the Lake Tahoe resort.  The drive was also a bit of a hassle, with Jacky getting carsick and throwing up with about 30 minutes left in the trip (a recurring theme for her).

The kids and adults all had a very good time, and a few thing stick out in my mind that I wasn't able to get footage of.  Driving back from the town, going about 40 MPH, I notice the door ajar light suddenly comes on.  "that's funny" I thought, as I turn around just in time to see Jacky's door swing wide open.  Luckily, no one was lost, although Jacky thought it was quite funny.

Incident #2: Jacky is playing with Cadence and her cousin TJ in the closet of one of the bedrooms.  Somehow, her pacifier winds up in the safe of the room, and Jacky programs the safe with some random numbers which no one can remember.  We had to call someone to open the safe to retrieve the treaure.  Jacky was reportedly very proud of herself. 

Janet made meatloaf for dinner one night, which was enjoyed by all (one of Janet's best memories of the trip).

With so much media from the trip. I'm formatting things a little differently- so here goes

One of the adult activities was rock climbing- and not one of those rock climbing walls, either.  Emmie, Dad, Hon, Janet and myself hiked after the guide to climb a (roughly) 30 foot rock .

 Emmie at the top       Dad on the way up    Us before the ascent    Me going up...

 at the top      Janet on the way up      at the top   Coming down

Now, climbing wasn't too bad, but rappelling down the side was a bit different... Anyway, here is are two vids of Janet so you can get a sense of how things looked real time.  Climbing up-----Coming down

I would say the activity that took up most of the kids time was swimming. Whether it was at the house or at the resort, the kids would have their swim suits on at the slightest mention of the pool.

Lets start with Jacky- she LOVED the pool (even though she would only stay in for about 10 minutes at a time. She likes to jump into someone's arms, as can be seen here  and here. 

There's also a short video of her at the pool, along with some footage of her in the bouncer.  Here's a striking picture of her

All the kids were in on the fun, though.  A pic of all the kids lined up for a jump (including a down's syndrome boy on the side who subsequently tried to drown Dashiell).   More jumping in  with Dashiell doing some mad freestylin'.  Xander tried some freestyling of his own .  After swimming, everyone relaxed in one of the 2 hot tubs .  I don't have any pictures of the adults in the hot tubs, as they are too disturbing to post.  There is a very short montage of swimming that took place at the Palo Alto house, though.

A first for Xander- fishing.  Uncle Hon took him, TJ and Dashiell out to a trout farm  where they all took turns catching.   Hon showed the kids how to cast and reel Xander caught the biggest and Xander caught the biggest one of the day.  There is some shaky cam footage of this event, as well.  Afterwards, the bounty was brought back for part of a delicious, if bony, meal  

Even though we are city folk, a bunch of us went on a nature hike.    It must have been the altitude or something, because Jacky actually sat on uncle Hon's shoulders for a good 20 minutes.   It was a little uphill, and I think the kids scared away all the wildlife.  It was fun, but Xander's final comment was "next time I want to hike where there are no bees, bugs or things that can sting me"

Another memorable part of the trip- we all went down to Harrah's casino for a buffet dinner.  It was very nice, as Jac  and Xander  both had a good meal and a good time.  The most memorable part of the meal came when Dashiell spilled a full cup of water on his pants.  Hon, who prides himself on being prepared for anything and having changes of clothes for all of his kids, somehow only had skin tight pink tights for Dashiell to wear (with no underwear, to boot).  Dashiell was not fazed a bit.

Some miscellaneous pictures from the vacation.  The kids took some tennis lessons while there .  The moms took a break for some facials.  To make room in the condo, some of the kids slept on the patio in two tents.  Jacky loved to brush her teeth and pretend that she's a super hero (I think that's what she's doing).  There were also arts and crafts- clock making was one them. 

A Karaoke machine was present.  From watching You tube about 50 million times, it seems that the kids have taken a liking to the Backstreet Boys, as can be seen here.  I mercifully cut this footage short.  As the week wound down, everyone was getting a little tired  (especially Jac).  It was a good time for all

We also did get to see some folks we haven't seen in a long time,  including Sebastian, Wesley and Graham and  Tom, Emily, Scout, Quinn and Bo.