February 1, 2006

More than a month since my last update.  So many things to document.  Our new year was a quiet one spent at 28th street.  Being entrenched in our video gaming, we (I) didn't even notice when the clock struck 12.  Meh.  New year's is not such a big deal when you've got young kids, anyway.  January passed by fairly quickly.  The weather has been unseasonably mild, Xander even got to ride his bike in the park a couple of days.  Chinese New year also recently passed, and was a fun time for all.  Xander's new thing is Yu GI Oh.  Pokemon is now a thing of the past in our house.  Jacky is developing into quite a character- almost the opposite of Xander when he was young.

Video/picture highlight of the past month to be found here.

December 27, 2005

A busy holiday season has come and gone.  We attended Linda's sweet sixteen party, which was quite an event.  Many friends and family attended, including those that taught her about condoms (!!!)

Just returned from a Christmas trip to Boston.  Both the Yung and Chin family were well represented.  Xander and Mackenzie were well behaved, as usual.  Jacky was a sleep deprived, constipated terror.  Aidan mad out like a bandit, and tripled his Thomas paraphenalia.  Xander spent quality time with Aidan's cousins from Hong Kong, and they all were impressed with his vast knowledge of Pokemon.  Anyway, it was a fun weekend of constant eating, movie watching, videogaming, settling (Catan), and running around.

Anyway, I've put the highlights, including some video, up on the multimedia page

Oh, and I've had to get rid of the guestbook secondary to all the spam I was getting :(

December 11, 2005

Xander's birthday went by without a hitch.  He got a few things he was really happy with, including a nintendo DS and a new xbox game he can play with his daddy.

Today was Xander and Janet's first experience with a martial arts tournament.  Xander competed in beginners grappling, under 50 pounds.  Unfortunately, he was the smallest and least experienced one there, so he had a rough time of it.

Janet did quite well, going through three rounds in the beginner's kickboxing (under 119 pounds).  In the finals, she met up with Samantha Yu.  Despite 2 overtime matches, she was able to come away with the gold.

Anyway, footage of the above events and some new pictures can be seen at the multimedia portion of the site.

December 4, 2005

November came and went... Xander's birthday coming up, 6 years old.  Time is flying by for him.  Earlier this year, I had told him that he would get a Nintendo Gamecube if he got 100% on every test this year.  So when Janet goes to pick him up earlier, the teacher pulls her aside and says that Xander got his test back, and was hysterically crying.  Janet was afraid he did poorly, but then the teacher went on to say that he got the highest score in the class (96).  Crazy.  Jacky is starting to communicate a little bit better nowadays.

Anyway, too tired to put up pictures- those'll come later